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Center for Transformational Learning & Leadership (CTLL)

About the CTLL

We facilitate empowering, dynamic, transformational experiences to learn and lead, locally and globally. 

The CTLL provides exceptional learning and leadership experiences in three primary areas: through academic courses, through collaborative initiatives in research and programming, and through facilitating professional development workshops, programs, and fellowships.

Courses and Curriculum

HD 205 [COMM] Developing Effective Communication and Life Skills (4 credits). Students engage in and learn Mindful Emotional and Social Intelligence (MESI) skills to communicate effectively and better navigate all aspects of life.

HD 315 Leadership Theories and Practice (3 credits). Students explore and critically evaluate leadership theories and their practical application, encounter leadership models from different disciplines, cultures, and periods of history, recognize leadership in a wide range of environments, and apply their learning through developing theoretically based leadership plans.

HD 370 Introduction to Mindfulness (3 credits). Students engage in mindfulness practices and learn the history, theory, and emerging science on the effects of mindfulness on mental and physical health and wellbeing.

HD 415 [CAPS] Peak Experiences in Leadership (3 credits). Students learn about and engage in leadership and make a difference in their communities through service-learning in partnership with local community-based organizations.

HD 416 Leading Change (3 credits). Students examine interdisciplinary approaches to change at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels and engage in change efforts through personal transformative practices, service-learning in their communities, and photovoice projects.

HD 505 Developing Effective Leadership Skills for Graduate Students (2 credits). Graduate students learn transferable leadership skills that support all disciplines and areas of focus.

Leadership Minor. Students work with the CTLL to complete an interdisciplinary minor that promotes critical skills for a successful career.


Current projects include working with units across the WSU system to develop and implement Mindful Emotional and Social Intelligence (MESI) programs for students, faculty, and staff and research on the effects of mindfulness, values, and social support systems on mental health and overall wellbeing.

Professional Development

We deliver custom professional development workshops on topics including: values, mindfulness, leadership, teamwork, navigating transitions, growth mindset, creating community, active listening, developing empathy, and more.

In addition to workshops, we collaboratively design, implement, and/or support multiple ongoing professional development programs, including:

LIFT Faculty Fellowship (Learn. Inspire. Foster. Transform.)

Provost’s Leadership Academy

Core to Career Faculty Fellowship for UCORE Faculty

WORD! Faculty Fellowship Program

WSU NSF ADVANCE VAuLTS Program (Values-Based Academic Leadership Trajectories for Women in STEM)