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Center for Transformational Learning & Leadership

About the CTLL

We facilitate empowering, dynamic, transformative experiences to learn and lead, locally and globally.

The CTLL provides exceptional learning and leadership experiences that build essential success skills in three areas: foundation, integration and translation.


Discipline-based skills in the career interest area. Foundation components include course work, academic advising, tutoring, mentoring, and access to seminars, discussions, debates and other opportunities to acquire content knowledge in a chosen discipline.


Interpersonal communication skills required to effectively engage and work successfully with people. Integration activities include: life skill enhancement courses, capstone courses, service learning and team building experiences, student professional development workshops, as well as life skill enhancement and professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, alumni and industry partners.


Opportunities to work with industry partners to apply learning to actual work scenarios as part of a high quality training experience. Translation involves participation in industry internships, international immersion experiences, job shadowing, industry site visits, panel discussions, peer and professional mentoring, and mock interviews.

What’s new in the CTLL?

Listed below are the newest updates within the Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership.

Registration Now Open for the Navigating Difference Cultural Competency Training for Outreach Professionals

May 14 – 16, 2019

Seattle, WA

To Register go to:

Look for the registration link in the left hand column or click on the Training Information box on the page.

Navigating Difference is a national program that is being implemented in nine states at institutions of higher learning and public school systems. 

Sharpen Your Skills
The people and the communities serving and served by outreach programs throughout the United States are more diverse than ever. Navigating Difference will help you as an outreach professional:

  • Become more aware of your own personal and organizational culture;
  • Examine how those cultures affect your ability to work across difference, negatively and positively; and
  • Hone your ability to work with others who are different than you.

Focus On Results
Those who participate in Navigating Difference increase their ability to:

  • Use cultural guides to plan and implement programming;
  • Recognize cultural conflict styles;
  • Understand the barriers to intercultural communications;
  • Ask more questions;
  • Listen more carefully; and
  • Look for non-verbal cues from those with whom they communicate.

Trainers: Merrianneeta Nesbitt, Louise Parker and Anna Whitehall:  WSU Navigating Difference Trainers.


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