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Center for Transformational Learning & Leadership

About the CTLL

We facilitate empowering, dynamic, transformative experiences to learn and lead, locally and globally.

The CTLL provides exceptional learning and leadership experiences that build essential success skills in three areas: foundation, integration and translation.


Discipline-based skills in the career interest area. Foundation components include course work, academic advising, tutoring, mentoring, and access to seminars, discussions, debates and other opportunities to acquire content knowledge in a chosen discipline.


Interpersonal communication skills required to effectively engage and work successfully with people. Integration activities include: life skill enhancement courses, capstone courses, service learning and team building experiences, student professional development workshops, as well as life skill enhancement and professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, alumni and industry partners.


Opportunities to work with industry partners to apply learning to actual work scenarios as part of a high quality training experience. Translation involves participation in industry internships, international immersion experiences, job shadowing, industry site visits, panel discussions, peer and professional mentoring, and mock interviews.