Meet the Team

Joe Hewa.

Joe Hewa, PhD

Director | Scholarly Associate Professor

Joe is a passionate and experienced leader who thrives when working collaboratively, exploring new ideas and connections with curiosity and creativity. Taking a mindful and values-based approach both personally and professionally, he is committed to developing partnerships and programs that make a transformational impact with students, faculty, and staff at WSU and in the broader community beyond. Joe worked for nonprofit and community organizations in youth development before transitioning to higher education, where he excels in the classroom and in facilitating professional development programming. His educational background includes a master’s in organizational leadership from Gonzaga University and a PhD in communication with an emphasis on community-based participatory research (CBPR) from Washington State University.

Anna Whitehall

Anna Whitehall, MA

Associate Director | Scholarly Associate Professor

Teaching students didn’t seem a likely path early on in Anna Whitehall’s undergraduate studies after not getting into the College of Education at Western Washington. But after receiving her B.A. in psychology and working as a director of an after school program, she returned to school to obtain her Master’s degree in Human Development from Washington State University and received an opportunity. Shortly into the program, Whitehall was offered to be a TA for HD 205 where she fell in love with the concepts, which helped her make positive changes in her own life incorporating her values of compassion, accepting yourself and trusting in a bigger sense. Anna now teaches HD 205 and provides customized experiential workshops. Her research interest involves the implementation and evaluation of theory-based, large scale prevention and well-being programs in real-world settings with university students. Even though a lot of her work involves analyzing data points, she said she gains the most value from teaching her students. “Helping students discover, develop and implement their best selves, there’s no formula for that,” she said. 

Mary Kay Patton

Mary Kay Patton, JD

Scholarly Associate Professor

Mary Kay is dedicated to the project of nurturing the human spirit as an essential dimension of leading a rich, full, meaningful life. In so doing, she supports individuals and teams in taking values-based committed action from a place of presence and mindfulness. She delights in designing and delivering workshops, trainings, and retreats, all with the intention of shifting and deepening one’s relationship with our true nature. Mary Kay is a gifted facilitator, writer, educator and advocate. Over the past 15 years, Mary Kay practiced civil and criminal law in both public service and private practice. Fueled by her experience in conflict resolution, social justice, and mediation, Mary Kay now focuses her professional efforts on personal and organizational transformation. Mary Kay nurtures her own personal development and sense of wonder through yoga, skiing, and hiking. An Idaho native, Mary Kay has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Washington and a J.D. from the University of Idaho.

Becky Dueben, PhD

Scholarly Assistant Professor

Becky’s favorite work is facilitation both with students and faculty members. With students, she enjoys teaching HD 205 and working with them to create effective teams and further their academic and personal goals. With faculty and staff members, she enjoys supporting them by creating effective classes, systems, and ways of being that support the overall health of Washington State University. Throughout her career, Becky has engaged with students by transforming student groups that were struggling into well-organized, thriving teams that meet the needs of the students involved. She’s also worked with students to create new clubs and teams that thrive and sustain its members. While working directly with students is some of her favorite work, she has also worked with faculty over the course of her career by supporting them in developing effective classes, assessments, systems, and strategic plans that are meaningful and transformational for the students, faculty, staff, and institution. In her personal time, Becky enjoys going on adventures with her husband, admiring her adult children from afar, and writing short fiction. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, a master’s in Composition and Rhetoric, and her doctorate in Higher Education Administration.