FLORENCE in Italy with the great dome of the Cathedral.

HD 350: Family Diversity in Barcelona, Spain and Florence, Italy

Washington State University’s Department of Human Development is excited to present an immersive summer study abroad program set in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. This unique opportunity allows students to earn WSU academic credits (HD 350), fulfill a DIVR UCORE requirement, and gain valuable insights into family diversity in Spain.

Our summer program combines in-class lectures, delivered in English by WSU professors, with engaging community activities. Students will not only expand their academic horizons but also experience the rich history and culture of Barcelona through experiential learning opportunities like day trips and cultural activities.

Living with local Spanish families provides an authentic and immersive experience, offering students a firsthand perspective on life in Spain and the chance to enhance their Spanish language skills.

Highlights of the program include walking tours of Barcelona and Florence, a Bachata dance lesson, a full-day field study excursion in the Catalunya region, visits to world-class museums, and two full-day field excursions in Tuscany. Join us for an unforgettable journey of learning, cultural exploration, and personal growth in the heart of Barcelona!

Program Dates

June 3-29, 2024.

Apply by February 1, 2024


HD 350 Course Description

Preparation for students to work with ethnic, cultural, economic, language, gender, religious and other types of diversity. By interrogating the definitions of family and diversity in an abroad context, students immerse themselves in a learning experience that requires deeper self-understanding and self-compassion. Learning about families and diversity abroad is a proximal, though privileged experience of being an outsider, much like that of many populations our students will serve in professional settings. Enrollment Requirements:

Course Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

This course is offered in partnership with the Institute for American Universities (IAU) in Barcelona.

  1. To enhance diversity consciousness (awareness, understanding, and ability to interpret events through different cultural lenses), including helping students move beyond perception-based comparisons, prior knowledge, and individual experiences to understand how social positioning and cultural differences and/or interrelations are constructed.
  2. To provide students with the vocabulary, language, concepts, methodologies, and/or theoretical models that improve students’ ability to think critically about ethnic, cultural, religious, gender, sexual orientation, and social/economic diversity as it exists within the United States.
  3. To demonstrate and develop skills to be open, sensitive and honest while communicating about diversity, including how to gather and share accurate and unbiased information about groups that are different than us.
  4. To demonstrate understanding of the social, historical, economic, and political influences on the construction of family and how systems of discrimination and inequality; structures of power and privilege; and/ or cultural values, beliefs, and practices impact non-dominant family structures.
  5. To explore and reflect on your personal views about family and diversity in everyday life, including through in-class discussions with your assigned small group and the required service learning project.

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