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Professional Development

Experience transformational learning in our live workshops as we explore learning and leadership together. Our workshops are tailored to your group’s needs, offering experiential sessions. Whether standalone workshops or part of a series, we provide professional development on interdisciplinary topics. From leadership and team-building to mindfulness and emotional intelligence, collaborate with us for grant-related trainings. Explore the topic areas we often cover, and contact us for custom designs on related topics.


Workshop Topic Areas


Explore personal and professional values in a meaningful way through dynamic and interactive activities. Discover and uncover a deeper understanding of your sense of purpose, either as individuals or as a team. Cultivate practices for values-based decision-making and leadership that will keep you focused on leading from a place of integrity and legacy.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotions don’t turn off when we show up for work. Learn about the critical role that emotions play in our everyday lives and relationships, and how to navigate them effectively in the workplace. Explore common pitfalls we experience when we try to avoid or bottle up emotions, and discover more effective ways of engaging what we might commonly think of as challenging emotions or troubling thought patterns.


Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? Are you curious about mindfulness? Learn about the value and importance of mindfulness, experience mindfulness practices, and explore how you might integrate mindfulness into your everyday life. This is your opportunity to start or expand your journey towards flourishing by being more connected to yourself and the world around you in the here and now.

Personality Types

Explore your natural behavioral tendencies, increase self-awareness about your personality type, understand the tendencies of others, and evaluate how these factors impact your professional development and leadership. Workshops that incorporate personality types will provide you with valuable insights, perspectives, and strategies for how to navigate working successfully with others.

Conflict Navigation

Conflict is going to occur in our personal and professional relationships, so why not have some knowledge, tools, and experience to navigate these opportunities successfully? Gain an understanding of the benefits and shortfalls of five common conflict navigation styles, discover three guiding questions to address conflict, and learn the basic steps involved in creating an action plan for effectively navigating conflict. Explore your own behavioral tendencies and practice your newly acquired skills to effectively navigate conflict with others.