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Leadership Minor

Interested in making a difference in the world?

Helping to create change?

Helping teams and organizations thrive?

Setting yourself up as a strong candidate for future career growth and opportunities?

Add a Leadership Minor to your studies, and experience all this and more.


The Leadership Minor is open to students in any major, and courses will help you develop high-impact and high-demand knowledge and skills in communication, leadership, collaboration, emotional intelligence, values, social justice, ethics, and more. Your learning will be hands-on and experiential, and you will make an impact through service-learning and direct practice of leadership in real-world settings. See below for specifics about the minor and how to get started.


The interdisciplinary Leadership Minor, offered through the Center for Transformational Learning & Leadership, is open to all students interested in developing high-demand applicable leadership skills. Students will learn leadership theories, examine the ethics and social responsibility of leadership, consider the centrality of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to leadership, and develop leadership skills through engagement in service-learning and self-selected leadership experiences.

The minor requires a minimum of 19 credits. At least 9 credits must be upper-division taken in residence at WSU or through WSU-approved education abroad or educational exchange courses. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.6 is required in courses applied to the minor.

All students will complete three leadership core classes and one class in each of three categories (ethics; diversity, equity, inclusion, & belonging; and leadership electives). Additionally, students will participate in an approved self-selected leadership experience completed through a one-credit HD 499 course.

Leadership Core (Three required)

  • HD 205 [COMM] Developing Effective Communication & Life Skills (4 cr) or HD 305 [COMM] Developing Effective Communication & Life Skills for Transfer Students (3 cr)
  • HD 315 Leadership Theories and Practice (3 cr)
  • HD 415 [CAPS] Peak Experiences in Leadership (3 cr) or HD 416 Leading Change

Ethics (Choose one)

  • ASIA 320 [DIVR] Issues in East Asian Ethics
  • B_A 211 Ethics, Teams, and Innovation
  • COM 440 Media Ethics
  • CRM_J 450 [M] Senior Seminar: Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
  • CST_M 467 Ethics and Construction Management
  • MGMT 487 Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
  • NAV_SCI NAVAL Leadership and Ethics
  • NURS 309 Ethical Reasoning and Decision-Making Processes in Nursing
  • PHIL 103 [HUM] Introduction to Ethics
  • PHIL 360 [HUM] Business Ethics
  • PHIL 365 [HUM] Biomedical Ethics
  • PHIL 370 [HUM] Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 450 [HUM] Data Analytics Ethics
  • SPMGT 365 Ethics and Moral Reasoning in Sport
  • WGSS 462/PHIL 462 [M] Women and Ethics

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (Choose one)

  • ANTH 220 [DIVR] Perspectives on Race
  • ANTH 316 [DIVR] Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective
  • CES 101 [DIVR] Race and Racism in the United States
  • CES 291 [DIVR] Anti-Semitism
  • CES 440 [CAPS] Global Social Justice
  • CES 462 Race, Justice, and Food Ecosystems
  • CES 464 Racial Justice Movements
  • CES 489 [CAPS] Everyday Struggles for Justice and Equality
  • COMSOC 321 [DIVR] Intercultural Communication
  • CRM_J 205 [DIVR] Realizing Justice in a Multicultural Society
  • H_D 350 [DIVR] Family Diversity
  • H_D 403 [CAPS] Families in Poverty
  • HIST/WGSS 399 [DIVR] Lesbian and Gay History: Culture, Politics, and Social Change in the US
  • NURS 455 [DIVR] Cultural Safety and Social Justice in Global Society
  • PSYCH 309 Diversity in Organizations
  • SOC 340 [DIVR] Social Inequality
  • WGSS 120 [DIVR] Sex, Race, and Reproduction in Global Health Politics
  • WGSS/ENGLISH/SOC 300/310/300 [DIVR] [M] Intersections of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality
  • WGSS/SOC 385 [DIVR] Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

Leadership Electives (Choose one)

  • AERO 311 Leading People and Effective Communication
  • AMDT 440 Organizational Leadership
  • HBM 381 Hospitality Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • HD 334 [SSCI] Principles of Community Development
  • I_BUS 280 International Relations and Global Leadership
  • I_BUS 480 Advanced International Business and Leadership
  • KINES 315 Leadership in Recreation and Sport Activities
  • MGMT 301 Principles of Management and Organization
  • MGMT 315 Women in Management and Leadership
  • MGMT 401 Leading People and Organizations
  • MIL_SCI 301 Applied Leadership and Management
  • NAV_SCI 206 Naval Leadership and Management
  • NURS 405 Nursing Leadership
  • NURS 408 Professional Development III: Leadership and Management
  • POL_S 442 [M] Leadership Skills for the Public Sector
  • PSYCH 308 Organizational Psychology
  • SOC 341 Inclusive Workplace Leadership
  • UNIV 295 Introduction to Models of Leadership
  • UNIV 497 Peer Leadership

Leadership Experience (One credit HD 499)

Leadership Minor students must complete at least one applied leadership experience and one credit of HD 499 concurrently. Students must complete HD 315 and receive approval for their leadership experience by a Leadership Minor faculty advisor prior to enrollment in HD 499.

Please reach out to the faculty advisors Joe Hewa or Anna Whitehall for any questions about the Leadership Minor or to have your leadership experience approved and enroll in HD 499.