Aerial photograph of Washington State University Pullman.

Mission & Values


To promote thriving by facilitating transformational experiential learning. 

We collaboratively design and lead values-based, DEIB-informed, mindful, and emotionally present experiences through classes, professional development workshops and programs, curriculum development, and international experiences.

Core Values

  • Connection: We value making meaningful connections with others that support people with building synergistic relationships and achieving excellence.
  • Transformation: We value personal and professional growth and development through transformational learning opportunities and experiences.
  • Leadership: We value the leader in everyone, and support people with expanding their ability to be positive influences in the workplace, in community, and at home.
  • Presence: We value being mindful in the present moment, embracing each moment as an opportunity to live fully and build the life we want to lead.
  • Belonging: We value belonging, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice for all, and we commit to challenging bias and systems of oppression in everything we do.
  • Empathy: We value giving time and effort to understand the perspectives and life experiences of those we interact with, and we respond with compassion to what we see and hear from them.
  • Playfulness: We value the power of play (and fun!) to unlock creativity, joy, and vibrancy in our work, relationships, and everyday lives.