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CAHNRS Ambassadors

CAHNRS Ambassadors with WSU Flag

The Ambassador Mission:

The CAHNRS Student Ambassadors is a student leadership organization that encourages students to pursue higher education and serves as a liaison between the college and the greater community.

  • Encourage higher education and promote WSU and CAHNRS to high school students
  • Increase visibility, awareness, and support of the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences
  • Participate in CAHNRS and WSU functions and welcome prospective students who visit the campus
  • Educate the public about opportunities and careers in agriculture, family and consumer sciences, design sciences, natural resource sciences, and related disciplines
  • Network with students and faculty in CAHNRS. Experience teamwork at its finest and develop valuable relationships

Speak With an Ambassador:

Whether you are a prospective student, current student, curious parent, or high school adviser, one of our Ambassadors can answer your questions. To this end, the Ambassadors strive to maintain a diverse membership that represents all areas of CAHNRS and to continuously expand their knowledge about WSU and higher education in general.

To get in touch with an Ambassador, simply send an e-mail to the facilitator describing the topic of your inquiries or interests. He or she will find and connect you with an Ambassador that is knowledgeable in that area. Learn about the 2017-2018 CAHNRS Ambassadors.

Request an Ambassador Visit:

The CAHNRS Ambassadors specialize in informing high school and junior high students about the benefits and different aspects of post-secondary education. We have presentations prepared for different audiences and venues. Our most common services include presenting to high school classes and hosting exhibits at career fairs. Below is a list of common topics covered during presentations.

  • Applying for college
  • Paying for college
  • Choosing a career path
  • Academics at the college level
  • College life apart from academia
  • Clubs and extracurricular activities
  • Information about WSU
  • Information about CAHNRS
  • Answering questions that students have

If your school is interested in having the Ambassadors visit, send an e-mail to the facilitator with the name of your school, preferred timeline of visit, and a description of the setting in which the presentation will take place.

Contacts and Information:

Executive Committee:

Team Facilitator: Luke Williams

Vice Facilitator: Megan Whited

Secretary: Lauren Rooney

Senate Representative: Colm Allan

PR Coordinator: Maya Wahl

Kari Sampson, Co-Advisor

CAHNRS Assistant Director of Recruitment and Retention  509-335-4562

Anna Whitehall

Anna Whitehall, Co-Advisor

CAHNRS Faculty Member  509-335-0462

Alec Solemslie
Senior – Forestry
Anna Watson
Senior – Family & Consumer Science
Claire McIntyre
Senior – Human Development
Claudia Kightlinger
Junior – Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Science
Colm Allan
Sophomore – Agricultural Technology & Production Management
Cori Sears
Senior – Family & Consumer Science
Diana Bergstrom
Senior – Animal Science
Eliana Bolt
Senior – Agricultural Economics
Elizabeth Warren
Junior – Agriculture & Food Security
Heather Rogers
Junior – Animal Science
Jason Wigen
Sophomore – Agricultural Biotechnology & Field Crop Management
Jesus Rodriguez
Senior – Fruit & Vegetable Management
Katie Doonan
Junior – Organic Agriculture & Pre-Health
Kayleen Fredrickson
Junior – Animal Science
Lambert Ngenzi
Junior – Environmental & Ecosystem Sciences
Lauren Rooney
Sophomore – Food Science
Lucy Eggleston
Junior – Viticulture & Enology
Luke Williams
Sophomore – Agricultural Economics
Macy Hagler
Junior – Agriculture & Food Security
Max Mielke
Senior – Agricultural Economics
Maya Wahl
Junior – Agricultural Education
Megan Russell
Sophomore – Apparel Design
Megan Whited
Junior – Agricultural Education
Molly Dilworth
Senior – Agricultural & Food Business Economics
Sammy Reyes
Junior – Environmental & Resource Economics
Serena Ranney
Senior – Food Science
Spencer Seeberger
Senior – Landscape Architecture & Zoology
Taylor Neal
Senior – Business Economics