Nomination Guidelines

Faculty & Staff

Award Eligibility

  • For individual awards, the nominee must be an employee of the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) including staff, advisors, instructors, research faculty, and extension personnel. Any fractional appointment in the college during the year of the award nomination satisfies this criterion.
  • Adjunct appointees are not eligible (faculty with a regular appointment in one department of the college and adjunct appointment in another department either within or external to the college are eligible, providing they are the nominee of the department in which they primarily hold an appointment).
  • The nominee has not been a prior recipient of the individual award for which they are a nominee. There shall be no repeat winners of the same individual award. However, a faculty or staff member may win more than one category of an individual award during their tenure with the college. Faculty/staff who have previously received an individual award within a category are also eligible for subsequent receipt of a team award. Similarly, faculty/staff who have previously received a team award are eligible to be a subsequent recipient of an individual award.
  • For the Team Award, at least three (3) of the faculty, staff, or AP members must be employees of CAHNRS or WSU. Non-employees are eligible as team members providing their activities were predominately associated with work done at WSU.
  • Only teams that are primarily funded through CAHNRS are eligible for team awards. Individuals not funded or on partial appointment in CAHNRS are not eligible for individual awards but may be part of a team that is nominated for a team award.

Selection Process

Selection committees review the award nominations and make their recommendations to the Associate Dean, Academic Programs.

Award Process

Announcement – All employee candidates who have been nominated will be notified prior to the event of the decision. A formal announcement will be made at the Faculty Staff Awards Social, date to be determined. No other public announcements will be made until after the event.

Nomination Process

  • We encourage administrators, faculty, staff, or students to nominate deserving candidates from their department in as many categories as possible; we request nominations be limited to one person per department per category.
  • Unit administrators, faculty, staff, club representatives, and students may submit a nomination packet. Nominations are not anonymous. Please discuss your intention to nominate a candidate with the department chair prior to submitting a letter to coordinate the process.