Female model on the runway at AMDT fashion show.

Apparel, Merchandising, Design & Textiles

The AMDT major integrates a holistic understanding of textile, apparel and retail supply chain—all the components needed to bring fashion products from concept to consumer.

Explore the Possibilities

As the largest and most comprehensive 4-year textile and apparel program in Pacific Northwest, we offer a full Apparel Design program and an in-depth Merchandising program to prepare students with all of the tools necessary to succeed in the textile, apparel, and fashion industry.

Our programs and curriculum are aligned with industry and taught by nationally and internationally recognized faculty who challenge students to understand all the aspects of the discipline.

Options for Major

 Students majoring in AMDT may choose from two options:

  • Apparel Design focuses on the interaction between design and merchandising and offers in depth knowledge of apparel design and construction.
  • Merchandising develops competence in the planning, buying and selling of textile, apparel, and fashion merchandises in either manufacturing, trade or retail organizations.
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Career Opportunities

  • Buying/Procurement
  • Fashion/Trend Forecasting
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Merchandising/Supply Chain Management
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Retail Management (Online and Store)
  • Apparel Design
  • Tech Design
  • Product Development/ Production
Young scientist holding tray with seedlings above microscope in greenhouse. Plant protection and biotechnology concept.

Quick Facts

#1 Best Textile and Apparel Program in the PNW (graddegree.com)
$55,000 Average starting salary for Apparel Design graduates
$60,000 Average starting salary for Merchandising graduates
$40,000+ Awarded in scholarships

Major Requirements

Minimum Total Credits: 120 credits

Your program may include different courses. Consult with your advisor about the best combination and order of courses for you. Visit the WSU Catalog for a list of required courses for this major and course descriptions.

General Education Requirements: 22 credits

AMDT Core Requirements: 45 credits

  • AMDT 105: Introductory College Seminar in AMDT – 1 credit
  • AMDT 108: Introduction to AMDT – 3 credits
  • AMDT 210: Textiles – 4 credits
  • AMDT 212: Apparel Product Development – 3 credits
  • AMDT 221: Historic Costume II – 3 credits
  • AMDT 250: Principles of Merchandising – 3 credits
  • AMDT 268: Communicating Creative Concepts in Fashion – 3 credits
  • AMDT 308: Visual Merchandising & Promotion – 3 credits
  • AMDT 314: Fashion Forecasting – 3 credits
  • AMDT 317: Multicultural Perspectives on the Body & Dress – 3 credits
  • AMDT 318: Merchandise Buying & Planning – 3 credits
  • AMDT 413: Global Sourcing – 3 credits
  • AMDT 488: Internship Preparation – 1 credit
  • AMDT 490: Cooperative Education Internship – 3 credits
  • ECONS 101: Microeconomics – 3 credits
  • HD 205: Developing Effective Communication & Life Skills – 3 credits

Apparel Design

  • AMDT 211: Apparel Assembly
  • AMDT 220: Historic Costumes & Textiles
  • AMDT 311: Apparel Flat Patterning & Design
  • AMDT 310: Advanced Apparel Assembly
  • AMDT 315: Textile Product Analysis
  • AMDT 312: Apparel Draping, Fitting & Design
  • AMDT 492: Computer Applications in AMDT
  • AMDT 409: Technical Apparel Design
  • AMDT 411: Advanced Apparel Design
  • AMDT 412: Apparel Design Collection


  • ACCTG 220: Introductory Accounting for Non-Business Majors
  • AMDT 307: Consumer Behavior in Fashion Business & Industry Elective
  • AMDT 430: Soft Goods Supply Chain Management
  • AMDT 435: Retailing in the Apparel & Textiles Industries
  • AMDT 450: Strategy Planning & Decision Making

My job is to merchandise fashion products. My WSU AMDT education really solidified that I have chosen the right career path for me. I’m doing trend forecasting, looking at new concepts, and coming up with designs to create relevant product for our customers.

Kailina Romo, Merchandiser, SanMar
Kailina Romo pinning designs on a board.