WSU apple variety, WA 64

Announcement of Opportunity

WA 64 Apple Cultivar

CAHNRS announces a new opportunity to work with Washington State University on the commercial release of our next apple, currently named ‘WA 64’ – a cross between Pink LadyⓇ and Honeycrisp.

WA 64 is an attractive pink blushed apple with outstanding eating quality, being both firm and tasty. WA 64 is a Washington State University (WSU) apple release that originated from a cross between Honeycrisp and Cripps Pink in 1998. After several months in refrigerated storage, the apple has very little reduction in quality, particularly firmness. It is suited to the fresh market from a couple of months following harvest in late September through long-term storage.

The WA 64 tree is a type III bearer, similar to Golden Delicious, with medium vigor (Figure 1). Like WA 38, the tree is ‘self-thinning’ to singles and doubles. This symmetrical apple is small to medium, and round with 40 to 70% of the surface covered with a pink blush over a yellow background. It colors well and easily if exposed to direct light. Skin finish is good with very little russet or bitter pit and very little sunburn in the apple-growing regions of central Washington. The fruit matures evenly, is not prone to preharvest drop and can be harvested in one pick if the canopy structure allows for light exposure. Harvest date is similar to Golden Delicious in central Washington.

Sensory and instrumental evaluations of crispness, juiciness, and hardness show the exceptional eating characteristics of WA 64, which is slightly less hard but considerably more crisp and juicy than Cripps Pink. WA 64 also retains these excellent texture characteristics after more than 6 months of refrigerated atmosphere storage. Sensory comparisons with Honeycrisp show that WA 64 is harder and has slightly less crispness and juiciness. Its sweetness and acidity are between those of its two parents. In consumer evaluations after seven months in refrigerated atmosphere storage, WA 64 was rated higher than controlled atmosphere (CA) stored Cripps Pink for overall acceptance, as well for taste/flavor, and texture (Figure 2).

WA 64 fruit has a high pack-out, it’s not sensitive to bruising and handles well on a commercial packing line. It has excellent retention of fruit flavor and firmness throughout storage.

Full details and a submission box for proposals are located at the following link:

WSU apple variety, WA 64
Figure 1: ‘WA 64’ apples
Figure 2: ‘WA 64’ orchard