CAHNRS Innovation

Intellectual Property Portfolio

$5.7 Million In gross royalties for FY 2021
88 Percent Percent of total royalties collected by WSU
Top royalty producers
  • Cougar Gold Cheese
  • US Plant Patent for WA 38 and the Trademark COSMIC CRISP
  • 20+ Licensed Wheat Varieties
  • Microwave Sterilization and Pasteurization Technology

An invention consists of technologies appropriate for niche/small markets or widely useful.

  • Stage of Development, Development Cost and Time: Innovations early in development may need significant resources to reach a commercially viable and valuable point.
  • Patentability: Inventions are assessed based on novelty,non-obviousness and usefulness.
  • Impact: Whether the technology is groundbreaking or game-changing, and its adaptability.
  • Market Breadth and Size: Whether a technology is appropriate for niche/small markets or widely useful.

The process of protecting an invention has many steps and does take some time to complete. The earlier you submit your invention disclosure, the faster our office can make a determination and begin the assessment process.