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Scot Hulbert, Associate Dean of Research

College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences PH: 509-335-4563
David Gang in the Field

David Gang, Assistant Director

CAHNRS Office of Research PH: 509-335-3444

Esther Tate, ARC Fiscal Officer/Management Analyst

CAHNRS Office of Research Grant Management Services PH: 509-335-6885

Albert Tsui, Technology Transfer Coordinator

PH: 509-335-3691

Sheila Brooks, Assistant to the Associate Dean

CAHNRS Office of Research PH: 509-335-4487

Susan Cao, Project Specialist

Large Grant Budgets and Forms PH: 509-335-6881

Anne Pollard, Major Grant Developer

Develop, Write, and Edit Large Grant Proposals PH: 509-335-0477

Ellen Yeates, Coordinator

REEport System; NIMSS Multistate System and Travel PH: 509-335-9811

Dan Dreesmann, Plant Growth Facility Manager

Office: Greenhouse 122, RM G3 PH: 509-335-5824

Katy Roberts, Area Grants Manager

PH: 509-335-2885; College resource for all grant-related reporting, policies, and processing of proposals and awards, ad hoc reporting to Dean and Associate Deans, REEport review and submission, and training for College grant administrators. Proposal review and submission for the Energy Program and School of Design and Construction.