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Hatch Multi-State

Multi-State Information

The purpose of Hatch Act funding is to conduct agricultural research programs at State Agricultural Experiment Stations in the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and the Insular Areas. The specific purpose of Hatch Multi-State Research Fund funding is to conduct research by institutions within a State and by institutions in multiple States to solve problems that concern more than one State. At Washington State University, the Multi-State Research portfolio is managed by the CAHNRS Office of Research (Ag Research Center) and Extension. For more information about this USDA NIFA program go to this link: https://nifa.usda.qov/oroqram/hatch-act-1887-multistate-research-fund

Faculty participation in Multi-State research projects and Education/Extension Research Committees is critical to finding solutions to important problems that concern more than one state. CAHNRS provides limited travel funding to current Multi-State research and ERA participants for approved meetings and activities.

The approval process for Multi-State travel is as follows:


1. The traveler must be a current member in good standing of an approved Hatch Multi-State project or committee. To receive funding, all NIFA REEport forms for Hatch/Hatch Multi-State projects must be current at the time of application for Multi-State travel funding.

2. One faculty member per approved project will be eligible for funding per year. This includes Hatch Multi-State projects, National Research Support Project (NRSP}, Coordinating Committee (CC}, Development Committee (DC}, or Education/Extension and Research Activity Committee (ERA) for travel to an authorized annual meeting per year. The meeting must be authorized by the Administrative Advisor of the project or committee on the web-based National Information Management Support System (NIMSS) before travel requests will be considered. A simple email announcement of the meeting distributed by the meeting committee will not suffice as the authorization.

3. All budget and expense paperwork must be processed through Ellen Yeates. Ellen is the designated contact for Multi-State Travel. The faculty member will work with their department and with their assigned CAHNRS Business Center support staff to prepare the TA. It will be signed first by the Department Chair or Director and then sent to Ellen Yeates. The COR will then send a PDF signed copy of the TA to the department, traveler, and Center as applicable.

4. Travel funds under this program are limited to $800.00 per participant. If the traveler holds appointments in both the COR and Extension, funding will be split according to the traveler’s appointment percentages. If the traveler holds appointments between COR and Academic Programs in CAHNRS, the COR will pay for the travel.

5. After the meeting, the faculty member will work with their Department and/or assigned CAHNRS Business Center to complete the TEV within 10 days. The TEV comes to the COR for review and Expenditure Authority signature before it goes to WSU Travel.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Ellen Yeates at: 509-335-9811.

NOTE to COR and EXTENSION travelers: Please remember to tell the person doing the travel paperwork that the trip is for Multi-State and to please send this paperwork to Ellen Yeates in CAHN RS at mail stop 6240. Please note that when traveling outside the country or domestically, U.S. carriers must be used per USDA requirements.


FY16 Multi-State Travel FAQ’s

2017 USDA NIFA Memo

If you want to join…

Fill out an Appendix E The Appendix E gives the Administrative Adviser (AA) notice on how to contact you, the CRIS Research areas you wish to work on, and the project objectives of which your research is best suited. For the numbers describing REEport Research areas or CRIS codes (Current Research and Information System) please see the REEport web site at:

Knowledge Area:
Subject of Investigation:
Field of Science:

After your chair has signed off on the Appendix E return it to the Agricultural Research Center (ARC), 403 Hulbert Hall, PO Box 646240 Pullman, WA 99164-6240, in order for the ARC Assoc. Dean Scot Hulbert, Assoc. Director Laura Lavine, and/or Extension Director Rich Koenig to sign off on it. This signature allows multi-state funds to be released in your behalf if you are the one traveling to the multi-state project. We will forward this electronically to NIMSS which sends it to your AA for whichever project you have chosen. If at any time you would like information or help for this process, please call us at 509-335-9811, or contact Ellen Yeates in the ARC.