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Multi-State Information

ARC and Extension faculty participation in Multi-State research projects and Extension Research (ERA) Committees is one of the ways we fulfill our mission by collaborating with scientists throughout the nation. A portion of the Hatch funds (ARC) and Smith-Lever funds (Extension) received from USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) must be used to support approved Multi-State research and ERA activities and associated travel. This is also a good way to enhance collaboration with your peers from other states. You can use a Multi-State Research project as your primary ARC project. You can participate in ERA or Coordinating Committees (CC) efforts, as well, but they cannot be used as your primary ARC project. A complete list of available projects and committees with primary points of contact can be found at: NIMSS (National Information Management Support System). When you have determined which project and/or committee meets your multi-state collaborative needs and interests, talk your plans over with your Department Chair to begin the relatively easy process of becoming an active participant. Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the ARC administrative office at (509) 335-4563

FY16 Multi-State Travel FAQ’s

2017 USDA NIFA Memo

If you want to join…

Fill out an Appendix E The Appendix E gives the Administrative Adviser (AA) notice on how to contact you, the CRIS Research areas you wish to work on, and the project objectives of which your research is best suited. For the numbers describing REEport Research areas or CRIS codes (Current Research and Information System) please see the REEport web site at:

Knowledge Area:
Subject of Investigation:
Field of Science:

After your chair has signed off on the Appendix E return it to the Agricultural Research Center (ARC), 403 Hulbert Hall, PO Box 646240 Pullman, WA 99164-6240, in order for the ARC Assoc. Dean James Moyer, Assist Dir Laura Lavine, and/or Extension Director Rich Koenig to sign off on it. This signature allows multi-state funds to be released in your behalf if you are the one traveling to the multi-state project. We will forward this electronically to NIMSS which sends it to your AA for whichever project you have chosen. If at any time you would like information or help for this process, please call us at 509-335-4563, or contact Ellen Yeates in the ARC.

If you want to go to an annual meeting…

The AA or the host for the annual meeting of your Multistate Research project will put out official notification of the annual meeting in the NIMSS system. ARC and Extension cover the travel expenses proportional to the FTE percentage of the
appointment of the traveler. Both Hatch and Extension travel funds are finite. Both Hatch and Extension travel funds are finite.

ARC and WSU Extension approval for Multistate travel will be based on the following considerations:

  1. Maintaining a current ARC project: To receive any funding from the ARC, all NIFA REEport forms for new or revised ARC proposals or progress reports for current ARC projects must be completed at the time of application for Multistate travel funding.
  2. The Agricultural Research Center (ARC) and WSU Extension will fund one faculty member per approved Hatch Multistate project, National Research Support Project (NRSP), Coordinating Committee (CC), Development Committee (DC), or Education/Extension and Research Activity Committee (ERA) for travel to an authorized annual meeting per year.


Keeping track of reimbursements to your Research and/or Extension accounts after the travel has become more cumbersome because of accountability procedures. Consequently, these guidelines should be used by travelers, departments chairs, and station directors.

  1. The meeting must be authorized by the administrative adviser of the project or committee on the web-based National Information Management Support System (NIMSS) before travel requests will be considered. A simple email announcement of the meeting will not suffice as the authorization.
  2. The faculty member will work with their department and with their assigned CAHNRS Business Center support staff (Pullman campus departments only) to prepare the paper
    TA. It will be signed first by the Department Chair or Director and then sent to the ARC. The ARC Director and/or the Associate Dean for Extension will then review the TA and sign for approval. ARC will then send a .pdf signed copy of the TA to the department and Center as applicable.
  3. Travel funds provided by the ARC or WSU Extension under this program will be limited to $800 per trip as authorized by ARC and/or WSU Extension. Funding will be split according to the traveler’s appointment percentages. If the traveler holds a split appointment between ARC and Academic Programs in CAHNRS, the ARC will pay for the travel. In all cases, the total travel funding for airfare, food, lodging, and incidentals as allowed by WSU travel guidelines will be limited to $800. Funding for authorized travel under this program that exceeds the $800 provided by ARC and/or Extension must come from other appropriate sources such as authorized travel funds already written into grants or other department funds.
  4. Travel to and from the annual meeting must be by the least expensive mode of travel unless prior approval has been received. For example, if airfare to a meeting is $300 and a rental car charge would be $500, we would pay for the airfare or reimburse $300 of the rental car charge. We expect reservations to be economical. Please note that when traveling outside the country or domestically, U.S. carriers must be used per USDA requirements.
  5. In order to have airfare reimbursed it must be charged to an approved ARC Multistate project and/or/the multistate Extension budget. One way to ensure this is to have the travel agent call Ellen Yeates ( at ARC and she will check to see if all approvals are in place from the ARC/Extension areas. The airfare can then be put on the Multistate CTA. The other way is to use your personal WSU corporate card or the departmental card and have the airfare included on your Travel Expense Voucher (TEV). Before ARC can authorize our account for your airfare, we must have (a) The authorization memo from your Administrative Adviser recognized on the web-based NIMSS system and (b) A copy of your TA signed by the department chair in our office. A faxed copy is sufficient.
  6. Approval is generally given to stay in the lodging facility where the meeting is being held to achieve maximum benefit of having a business interaction with the other travelers on the project or committee. Be sure to mark number 2 or 3 as applicable on the TA in the box for Lodging Exception.
  7. Quite often Multistate meetings are in conjunction with other professional meetings. This is one of the benefits of participating on a Multistate project or ERA committee because we can reimburse travel to and from the authorized meeting and its associated expenses. The traveler, therefore only incurs the per diem and registration expenses of the professional meeting.
  8. After the meeting, the faculty member will work with their department and assigned CAHNRS Business Center (Pullman campus departments) to complete the TEV within
    10 days.All budget and expense paperwork must be processed through ARC administration. Reimbursement of expenses may be delayed, partially reimbursed, or denied if that TA is not submitted to the ARC before the trip and/or the TEV paperwork is not submitted through the ARC for payment. Ellen Yeates ( is the designated contact for Multistate Travel. The TEV must be processed through ARC,not the Business and Finance Office (BFO) so expenses can be tracked for reimbursement later.
  9. Exceptions to this policy must be reviewed and approved in writing, preferably by email, the Director of the ARC; and if an Extension appointment is involved, by the Associate Director of WSU Extension.

In addition to the above requirements, when an exception is requested, the following will also be considered:

Productivity associated with the Multistate Project or Committee: Please list any publications the traveler has authored within the past three years or grants the traveler has received within the past three years as a result of the affiliation with the Multistate research project, coordinating committee, or ERA committee to which the travel funding is requested. Attach this information to your Travel Authority (TA).