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CAHNRS is a leading driver of research at WSU, contributing to more than 40 percent of the university’s extramural funding budget. CAHNRS research and extension faculty brought in more than $81 million in FY2015 and $83 million in FY2016, from competitive extramural funding sources including federal agencies, Washington State commodity commissions, and other nonfederal agency grants.

We contribute to a sustainable future through the powerful combination of both discovery and translational research designed to address the grand challenges of the 21st century—regionally and globally.

We discover, develop, and transfer knowledge that contributes to a safe and abundant food supply; promotes sustainability of agricultural and economic systems; supports energy innovations; encourages careful stewardship of natural resources and ecological systems; and enhances the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

Research at CAHNRS is as diverse as the communities, businesses, agriculture systems, natural resources, and landscapes of the state of Washington.

We maintain a strong and nimble research engine to help feed a growing global population; protect the natural resources we rely on for food, water, and energy; and respond to change with a greater capacity for resilience.

Our goal is to improve economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, community resilience, and quality of life for the people of Washington and beyond.

CAHNRS Featured Research Areas

CAHNRS Research and Extension Extramural funding

More than 60 percent of CAHNRS Research and Extension extramural funding is from federal sources.

Federal sources include USDA, National Science Foundation, Dept. of Health and Human Services, Dept. of State, Dept. of Interior, Dept. of Defense, NASA, and flow-through subawards. Non-federal sources include commodity commissions, Washington State, private foundations, businesses, local governments, foreign sponsors, liquor board, individual associations and clubs, other state governments.

Core Research Facilities

Our capacity for research is strengthened by state-of-the-art facilities and an extensive network of research farms throughout the state.

Learn About Our Core Facilities