Grant Administrators

Pre-Award Team

Proposal Submission

CAHNRS Faculty lead WSU in proposal submissions. Depending on your unit, your primary point of contact will be the Pre-Award Team or your grant administrator*.

We ask faculty to submit pre-award/proposal requests via our intake form. Please include all of the RFA/FOA attachments in your request and budget if you have one started. A member of our pre-award team will be assigned to your proposal and will reach out to you with the next steps.

*Please contact your Grant Administrator directly for Faculty in CSANR, SOE, CMEC, and Energy.

If you are unsure who your Grant Administrator is or need immediate assistance, please contact CAHNRS Grant Manager, Sophia Hutton

Pre-Award Team

Post-Award Team

Grant support after the grant is received

Sponsored Programs Services (SPS) is WSU’s post-award office. Grant administrators work with SPS and ORSO as needed to assist faculty in managing their awards.

WSU’s policies and procedures on travel, purchasing, and personnel apply to grant funds, as well as any other terms and conditions required by the sponsor.

For questions on how to manage your grant (allowable expenditures, when it is necessary to contact the sponsor for prior approval, no-cost extensions, subcontracts, re-budgeting, expenditure tracking etc.), please contact your grant administrator.

Our post-award team provides the following examples of support:
  • Grant expenditure approvals in Workday
  • Award routing (agreements)
  • Grant balances – including how to read your reports
  • Cost share
  • Effort certification
  • Subcontract initiation
  • Blanket research MOAs
  • General grant question
  • And more…

Please use the comprehensive list below to find your unit grant administrator.

DepartmentPrimary ContactPhoneE-mail AddressCost Center
CAHNRS Academic ProgramSophia Hutton5-2885sophia.hutton@wsu.eduCC0036
CAHNRS Office of Research (ARC)Sophia Hutton5-2885sophia.hutton@wsu.eduCC0255
CAHRS Office of Research (COR)Sophia Hutton5-2885sophia.hutton@wsu.eduCC0255
CAHNRS 4-HDebbie CC0292
Ag WeatherNetHollie Tuttle (509)786-2226prosser.grants@wsu.eduCC0293
Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR)Lesa Neumann5-8467lneumann@wsu.eduCC0294
Animal SciencesBrian Dentler5-1008bdentler@wsu.eduCC0295
Apparel, Merch, Design & TextilesDebbie Foster5-2970deborah.c.foster@wsu.eduCC0296
Children and Family Research UnitBrian Dentler5-1008bdentler@wsu.eduCC0050
Biological Systems EngineeringJoel Bifford5-1885joel.bifford@wsu.eduCC0297
Center for Precision Automated & Agricultural Systems (CPAAS)Hollie Tuttle (509)786-2226prosser.grants@wsu.eduCC0318
Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership (CTTL)Joel Bifford5-1885joel.bifford@wsu.eduCC0299
Center for Sustaining Ag & Natural Resources (CSANR)Jean Canonica/Lisa Friend(253)445-4506grants.cmp@wsu.eduCC0298
Children's CenterJoel Bifford5-1885joel.bifford@wsu.eduCC0300
Clean Plant Center NorthwestTim Palacios(509)786-9377timothy.palacios@wsu.eduCC0052
Community and Economic Development (CED)Brianna Wagner5-6832brianna.wagner@wsu.eduCC0319
Composite Materials and Engineering CenterSuzanne Hamada5-4683sdhamada@wsu.eduCC0301
County MOAsLisa Bruce5-0502lisa-bruce@wsu.eduCC0254
Crop & Soil SciencesMohammed Khatib5-4281mohammed.khatib@wsu.eduCC0302
Division of Governmental StudiesBrianna Wagner5-6832brianna.wagner@wsu.eduCC0307
Energy ProgramDonna Cowsert360-956-2084cowsertd@energy.wsu.eduCC0320
Energy ProgramBrian Dentler5-1008bdentler@wsu.eduCC0320
EntomologyMichael Ababurko5-5521michael.ababurko@wsu.duCC0304
Extension Food SystemsBrianna Wagner5-6832brianna.wagner@wsu.eduCC0022
Extension SNAP-EDBrian Dentler5-1008bdentler@wsu.eduCC0062
Food & Environmental Quality LabMichael Ababurko5-5521michael.ababurko@wsu.duCC0306
HorticultureKyle White5-2429kdwhite@wsu.eduCC0303
Human DevelopmentJoel Bifford5-1885joel.bifford@wsu.eduCC0321
IMPACT CenterSophia Hutton5-2885sophia.hutton@wsu.eduCC0730
Institute of Biological ChemistryJeff Bowman5-8383jeff.bowman@wsu.eduCC0308
Institute of Biological ChemistryMary Hoffmanmhoffman@wsu.eduCC0308
Metropolitan Center for Applied ResearchBrianna Wagner5-6832brianna.wagner@wsu.eduCC0309
Plant PathologyBrianna Wagner5-6832brianna.wagner@wsu.eduCC0322
School of Economic SciencesMichael Ababurko5-5521michael.ababurko@wsu.duCC0323
School for the EnvironmentJessica Billings5-0430jbillings1976@wsu.eduCC0311
School of Food ScienceDebbie Foster5-2970deborah.c.foster@wsu.eduCC0310
Viticulture and EnologyMichael Ababurko5-4564michael.ababurko@wsu.eduCC0312
Western Center for Risk Management EducationKyle White5-2429kdwhite@wsu.eduCC0313
William D. Ruckelshaus CenterBrianna Wagner5-6832brianna.wagner@wsu.eduCC0314
WSU Long Beach R&E UnitSophia Hutton5-2885sophia.hutton@wsu.eduCC0063
WSU Mt. VernonLisa Friend(360)848-6120grants.cmp@wsu.eduCC325
WSU Prosser Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center (IAREC)Hollie Tuttle(509)786-2226prosser.grants@wsu.eduCC0327
WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center (REC)Jean Canonica/Lisa Friend(253)445-4506grants.cmp@wsu.eduCC0316
WSU Wenatchee Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center (TFREC)Kevin Rimes(509)293-8802kevin.rimes@wsu.eduCC0326
Youth and Family (Y&F)Brian Dentler5-1008bdentler@wsu.eduCC0315

Last Updated September 15, 2023.