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Food Safety, Security, and Production

CAHNRS faculty conduct a breadth and depth of research on food safety, security, and production.

Ensuring a secure supply of safe food, both globally and regionally, is central to WSU’s land grant mission. Plant and animal diseases cause a significant security risk, and the evolution of new pathogenic strains causes uncertainty. WSU provides a unique environment to support interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and entrepreneurial opportunities across the full range of food production and handling.

Research Centers

Center of Excellence for Food Safety

We aim to leverage resources from the government, universities, and the food industry to bridge knowledge gaps and reduce technical and regulatory hurdles for food companies, particularly small and medium sized companies. 

Center for Nonthermal Food Processing

Our goal is to provide safer, better tasting, more attractive, and more nutritious food that not only has a longer shelf life but is less costly to produce.

Center for Precision and Automated Agricultural Systems

We conduct activities to promote advances in imaging, machine learning, and robotic technology for the development of automated processes in our most labor-intensive agricultural systems like tree fruit and wine grape

Clean Plant Center Northwest

With funding from the USDA and commodity groups, we work closely with fruit tree, grape, and hop industries to propagate, maintain and distribute virus-tested fruit trees, grapevines, and hop plants from our facilities at WSU.