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Trans-Omics and Big Data

CAHNRS researchers employ comprehensive multi-omic strategies to aid in analysis, visualization, and interpretation of big data relevant to sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

Genomics & Transcriptomics

Plant Phenomics


  • Stephen Ficklin, cyberinfrastructure supporting transfer, storage, visualization, and analysis of “omics” data sets
  • Dorrie Main, computational tools and database resources for crop genomics, genetics, and breeding research
  • Zhiwu Zhang, high-throughput “omics” data analysis and computation


  • Stephanie Hampton, ecological dynamics in aquatic ecosystems
  • Javier Gutierrez Illan, effects of environmental change on biodiversity and pest management from a landscape perspective
  • Stephen Katz, ecological communities and ecosystem stability
  • Arjan Meddens, forest dynamics analysis using satellite and other geospatial data