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REEport Manual

Whether you are beginning a new USDA-funded project, seeking an annual renewal, or closing out a completed project, COR administration is here to provide the support that will keep you on the road to success. All COR projects that are funded through Hatch, McIntire/Stennis, Animal Health, or USDA competitive programs must use the Research, Education, and Extension project online reporting tool (REEport) as a single point of access.

Below is a compilation of instructions for each REEport activity (Project Initiation, Annual Reporting, Final Report), as well as interactive forms and supporting documents.

  1. Instructions – Initiating Formula-Funded Projects (pdf)
  2. Instructions – Initiating Non-Formula-funded Projects (pdf)
  3. Instructions – Annual Progress Reports (pdf)
  4. Instructions – Final Report (pdf)
  5. Checklist for Initiating USDA Projects (pdf)
  6. Template – Peer Review Request Letter (doc)
  7. Template – Peer Review Compliance Report (doc)
  8. Appendix E – Format to Reporting Projected Participation (doc)
  9. Flow Chart for Travel Authority (pdf)
  10. FAQ Multistate Travel (pdf)
  11. FAQ REEport Usage (pdf)

For further questions, please contact Ellen Yeates at (509) 335-4563 or