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Grant Administrators

Department/Address Primary Contact Name/Phone/Title Phone # E-mail Address
Academic Programs Alanna Ellis, Department Administrator 5-9115
CAHNRS Office of Research (ARC) Katy Roberts, Grant & Contract Administrator 5-2885
Animal Sciences Laura Coughenour, Business Center Grants Spec. 5-3943
Apparel, Merch., Design & Textiles Jian Wu, Business Center Grants Spec. 5-9857
Biological Systems Engineering Amanda Wagar, Business Center Grants Spec. 5-4281
Center for Precision Automated & Agricultural Systems (CPAAS) Hallie Faulk, Fiscal Specialist I 6-1230
Center for Sustaining Ag & Natural Resources (CSANR) Cindy Armstrong, Asst. to the Director 8-4626
Child and Family Research Unit Kim Calamia-McKee, Administrative Manager 8-7506
Composite Materials and Eng. Ctr. Suzanne Hamada, Administrative Assistant 5-4683
Crop & Soil Sciences Lauren Hatley/Bret Dahman, Business Center Grants Spec. LH 5-5521
Div. Of Governmental Studies Julie Lusby, Fin/Budget Coordinator 5-4796
Energy Program Donna Cowsert, Fiscal Off/Mgmt Analyst 8-2084
Todd Currier, Energy Ext. Program Mgr 8-2038
Entomology Laura Coughenour, Business Center Grants Spec. 5-3943
Extension Carrie Johnston, Area Grant & Contract Manager 5-4564
*Please use the CAHNRS.grants email for all Extension communication Saren Wardrep – CED, Grant & Contract Administrator 5-5047
Kimberly Dudley – ANR, Grant and Contract Administrator 5-1873
Saren Wardrep – Y&F, Grant and Contract Administrator 5-5047
Field Disease Investigation Unit (FDIU) Arden Gray, Fin/Budget Coordinator 5-2587
Food & Environ. Quality Lab FEQL & WSPRS Tri-Cities Adam C. Williams, Administrative Manager 5-5425
Horticulture Jian Wu, Business Center Grants Spec. 5-9857
Human Development Amanda Wagar, Business Center Grants Spec. 5-4281
Institute of Biological Chemistry Nick Heistuman, Business Center Grants Spec., Business Center Grants Spec., 5-1008
Plant Pathology Julie Lorentz, Business Center Grants Spec. 5-2429
School Economic Sciences Amanda Wagar, Food Science/Clark Grants Specialist 5-4281
School for the Environment – CAHNRS Sophia Hutton, Administrative Manager 5-6227
School of Food Science Laura Coughenour, Food Science/Clark Grants Specialist 5-3943
William D. Ruckelshaus Center Cheryl Rajcich, Operations Manager 5-2937
WSU Mt. Vernon Todd Landwert, Fiscal Specialist 1 360/848-6120
WSU Prosser IAREC Hallie Faulk, Fiscal Specialist 1 6-1230
WSU Puyallup REC Mahogany Blackthorne, Fiscal Analyst 253/445-4507
WSU Wenatchee TFREC Joni Cartwright, Fin/Budget Manager 509/663-8181 x221
NARA Julie Semler, Fin/Budget Manager 5-3010

Acronym Definitions

Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources
Food & Environmental Quality Lab
Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center
Research and Extension Center
Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center
Washington Pest Management Resource Service