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Grant Administrators

CAHNRS Grant Resources

Pre-Award Team (Proposal Submissions)

CAHNRS Faculty lead WSU in proposal submissions. Depending on your unit, your primary point of contact will be the Pre-Award Team or your grant administrator*.

We are asking faculty to submit their pre-award/proposal requests via our intake form. Please include all of the RFA/FOA attachments in your request along with the budget if you have one started. A member of our pre-award team will be assigned to your proposal and will reach out to you with next steps.

Here is the link to the intake form for your proposals: 

Our Pre-Award team consists of: Susan Kendall, Stacy Mondy, Samantha Bridger, Krissie Stewart, Sarah Murt, and Nicholas Acord.

*For Faculty in Puyallup R&E Center, Mt. Vernon R&E Center, CSANR, SOE, CMEC, CAFRU and Energy please contact your Grant Administrator directly.

If you are unsure who your Grant Administrator is please contact CAHNRS Grant Manager, Sophia Hutton 509-335-2885 for assistance.

Post-Award Team (Grant support after the grant is received)

Our post-award team provide the following examples of support: Grant expenditure approvals in Workday, award routing (agreements), grant balances (including how to read your reports), cost share, effort certification, subcontract initiation, blanket research MOA’s, general grant questions.   This list is not exhaustive.

Michael Ababurko
Pest Management
School of Economic Sciences

Brian Dentler
Youth & Family

Whitney Dixon
Crop & Soil Sciences

Debbie Foster
School of Food Science

Jason Hansen
Animal Sciences
Plant Pathology
Viticulture & Enology

Sophia Hutton
Biological Systems Engineering
Children’s Center
Human Development

Lesa Neumann
Ag & Natural Resources

Brianna Wagner
CED, Including DGSS
Extension Food Systems
Metro Center

Kyle White
Western Center for Risk Management Education

If your unit is not listed, please click here for a comprehensive list of Grant Administrators: Comprehensive List